i wont be on much during the week bc of school, but i have a queue set up and will be on during weekends!

my life mainly consists of wizards, teenage werewolves, and animated characters who can manipulate the four elements
watching: Free! Eternal Summer, Sailor Moon Crystal

attempting to recover from legend of korra book three

jess. 16. i like to photoshop and cry over fictional characters.

i was arrowargents and heirmione.


Get To Know Me Meme: [2/5] Favourite Characters » Stiles Stilinski.

I’m fine. Yeah, aside from the not sleeping, the jumpiness, the constant overwhelming crushing fear that something terrible is about to happen.

"If you just hold my hand, I promise that I'll do all I can.    Things will get better if you just hold my hand. Nothing can    come between us if you just hold my hand. The nights are gettingdarker and there's no peace inside. So why make our lives harder by fighting love tonight."